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Nestibo Agra is licensed and bonded with the Canadian Grain Commission and has proudly served our clients since 1996.

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Since 1996, Nestibo Agra has predominantly been a sunflower processor. We now supply our sunflower markets with more than sunflowers. Check out the products that we buy.  Nestibo Agra is licensed and bonded with the Canadian Grain Commission.

You can continue to expect fair dealings and treatment from the knowledgeable staff at Nestibo Agra. We work hard at offering competitive prices on every product we handle. You can now set target prices on any quantity/commodity.

Ask for a picked up price. We can offer and arrange on-farm pickup at competitive rates.

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Making cropping plans for next year? Considering selling your current crop? Talk to a processor!

Our ability to access domestic and international markets gives us unique perspectives on what end users need and want. A simple call could make you more comfortable and profitable with your cropping decisions. Send us your sample for quality assessment and market opportunities.

Planting Seed Availability

Nestibo Agra offers a wide variety of planting seed options for our growers.

  • Sunflowers (confectionary and oil)
  • Buckwheat
  • Soybeans
  • Corn

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